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Why Do Endodontic Treatments Fail

and When is Non-Surgical Retreatment Indicated?

(Case Presentations and Literature Review)

Presented by

Nima Dayani, DDS, MS

root canal endodontics fail

Root canal treatment typically fails when the treatment is carried out inadequately. However, there are some cases in which the treatment has followed the highest standards yet still results in failure. In most of these cases, the ndodontic failure results from persistent secondary intra-radicular infection, although extra-radicular infections may also be implicated in the failure of some cases. In addition, it has been claimed that a few cases can fail because of intrinsic or extrinsic non-microbial factors.

The purpose of this lecture is to discuss the etiological factors of failed root canal treatments using a series of clinical cases. It attempts to aid the clinicians choose between surgical and non-surgical management of a failed root canal in an Evidence-Based manner. In order to maximize success of endodontic retreatment, indications for the non-surgical vs. surgical retreatment of failed endodontic cases are discussed.

Course Objectives:

1.     Identify the etiological factors leading to failed root canal therapies.

2.     Understand the causes of failure.

3.     Formulate a problem list.

4.     Properly manage by recommending the appropriate treatment option.

This is the fifth course in a series of five independent courses presented in 2010/2011:

1.     Cracked Tooth: Diagnosis and Treatment Options

2.     Endodontic Diagnosis - 2 CE credits

3.     Beginner Endodontic Rotary Instrumentation - 2 CE credits

4.     Advanced Endodontic Rotary Instrumentation - 2 CE credits

5.     Why Do Endodontic Treatments Fail and When is Non-surgical Retreatment Indicated?

2 CE Credits

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Approved PACE Program Provider

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