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Endodontic Rotary Instrumentation

Presented by

Nima Dayani, DDS, MS

Rotary instruments for endodontists

This thorough 3-hour course is packed with information and training to provide you with an understanding of the role of rotary instrumentation within the context of the whole root canal procedure. It combines informative lecture, stimulating multimedia presentation, and hands-on training, presented by Dr. Nima Dayani. The hands-on section of the course consists of root canal preparations on plastic blocks. Participants may wish to bring in accessed extracted teeth for this component of the course. At the conclusion, participants should be comfortable to use NiTi instruments in their offices. Participants should have the knowledge to scientifically critique various rotary systems available on the market.

Course Objectives:

The concept and benefits of a "crown-down" preparation vs. "step-back" technique.

The scientific basis for reduced post-op sensitivity and significantly increased treatment speed with "crown-down" instrumentation technique.

The importance of good access, and how to attain it.

How and why we can  use nickel-titanium rotary files to create shapes superior to hand instrumentation in fewer than five minutes, consistently.

The scientific evolution of rotary instrumentation that allows for superior techniques

An introduction to new obturation techniques that achieves three-dimensional fills in less time than with traditional lateral condensation (Warm Vertical).

Rotary instrumentation without fear of breakage.

When to do (and not to do) one-visit endo with peace of mind.

This is the first course in a series of four independent courses

1.     Beginner Endodontic Rotary Instrumentation - 2 CE credits

2.     Advanced Endodontic Rotary Instrumentation - 2 CE credits

3.     Cracked tooth: Diagnosis and Treatment Options - 1 CE credit

4.     Endodontic Diagnosis - 2 CE credits

5.     Why Do Endodontic Treatments Fail, & When is Non-surgical Retreatment Indicated? -2 CE credits

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