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Cracked Tooth:
Diagnosis and Treatment Options

Nima Dayani, DDS, MS

Cracked Tooth

Unfortunately, the incidence of cracks in teeth seems to be increasing. People are living longer and keeping their teeth longer. People of all ages are also living more stressful lives, which can result in crack-inducing habits, such as clenching and Bruxism. In recent years, technology has enabled practitioners identify and, therefore, to diagnose more cracks. Advances in the treatment of other dental problems means that patients are more likely to have complex restorative and endodontic procedures that remove tooth structure, leaving teeth more susceptible to cracks. The good news is that many teeth with cracks can be saved! The key to saving these teeth is to know the characteristic signs and symptoms and diagnose the crack as early as possible in its development.

Course Objectives

1.     To try to prevent the formation of fractures with hopeless prognosis.

2.     To understand the pathogenesis of a crack that leads to a hopeless prognosis.

3.     To try to prevent unnecessary treatment and expense for the patient.

This is the second course in a series of five independent courses:

1.     Endodontic Diagnosis- 2 CE Credits

2.     Cracked tooth: Diagnosis and Treatment Options - 1 CE Credit

3.     Beginner Endodontic Rotary Instrumentation - 2 CE credits

4.     Advanced Endodontic Rotary Instrumentation - 2 CE credits

5.     Why Do Endodontic Treatments Fail and When is Non-surgical Retreatment Indicated? - 2 CE credits

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