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Nima Dayani, DDS, MS volunteers at Mount Sinai Medical Center

Dr. Dayani believes that higher education affords the privilege of helping others. As such, he regularly engages in voluntary teaching activities and donates his services to charity clinics.

He remains a volunteer at various study clubs that provide continuing education to general dentists and specialists alike. Past and present affiliations include the Greater New York Dental Meeting, Manhattan Dental Study Club, Seattle Study Club, Filipino-American Dental Study Club. Additionally he organizes continuing education classes for New York City dentists in his Manhattan-based office.

Nima Dayani, DDS, MS at D.V.I

Dr. Dayani is a volunteer root canal specialist at Dental Volunteers for Israel or D.V.I. Here he was given the privilege of treating socio-economically deprived children in Jerusalem who are suffering from dental disease.

D.V.I. is the largest free dental clinic in Israel and serves needy patients independent of their faith or heritage. Please take a few moments to read about the clinic's story at the D.V.I.  We encourage you to consider making a tax deductible  donation. Any donations you make will be matched in kind by our office* (please let us know about your direct donations to D.V.I). There is no minimum requirement for contribution, and donations will be sent in their entirety to the clinic.

Rest assured that your generosity, in conjunction with the efforts of D.V.I. volunteers and other benefactors, will significantly alleviate real pain and suffering in children who would otherwise don't have access to care.

If you would like more information, please contact us by telephone at 212-752-3636, or by e-mail at

* Donations will be matched by our office dollar for dollar up to $3000 per donor.

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